Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Steam Crabs & Fried Mee Hoon

Dinning out in restaurant is like going into a casino. First you select your restaurant. Quiet similar to placing your bets on the table,' Banker' or 'Player'.Then you select your dishes, 'Big' or 'Small' and finally the outcome, delicious or lousy food.....Winner or loser! Well, I would like to relate a night out to you.A couple of months back, my family and I decided to eat out. We selected a restaurant situated someway along the Old Penampang Road.We ordered a few dishes which include a crab dish, called Milk Butter Crab. That particular dish came out to be a Big.. Big.. loser dish. There's hardly any crab meat between the shells, no butter taste at all and worst of all, they put a lot evaporated milk and sugar. I guessed the chef was out puffing his fags, and the dishwasher took control of the wok. Maybe? Who knows! To compensate for that lousy experience, I decided to get the best 'grade A' crabs and cooked them for the children. To cut down all those fatties - oil, milk and butter, I just put them into the steamer. Walla.. a succulent dish in just 15 - 20 min's.
Btw. just add ginger juice + Chinese cooking wine and salt to taste.

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