Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My 48th Birthday at Genting

Done by my Do Re Me with rice deco. Very creative & unique surprise from them.
Another surprise from my Do Re Me + my niece (Yeng Peng) at Genting. They searched for a cake at the best price (RM 18.00 only) at Genting. Love the cake & all your thoughts.
Keep it up!
This year birthday gift from my sister.
Bought myself a ceramic watch. Love in first sight!


  1. Happy Birthday Mary! All the best in 2012 :)

  2. wahh wah wahhhhhh got white nokia phone from your beloved sister then you get yourself a white Bonia watch..niceeeeeeeeeee! Happy Birthday mami!! and your Do-Re-Mi never fail to surprise you kan. It will get better I assure you.