Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dinner 5 - Cambodian Style BBQ + Steamboat


Bought this BBQ tray from Vietnam last year.
Last week came back from Cambodia and they served BBQ + Steamboat this way.
 -Chicken soup.
-Mixed vegetable,onion carrot & mushroom
- Marinate venison meat with pepper, light soya sauce and served with 1 egg.
- Marinate chicken with sesame oil  & bit of salt.
-Marinate pork with bit of salt & Chinese wine.
- Bit of pork oil or cooking oil to grease on top the tray.

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  1. hi there
    interesting post
    was thinking of organizing the same bbq thingy for my family too
    would you mind to share where about you obtain the pot for grilling with me at
    thanks a bunch in adv and hope to hear from you soon