Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Soak overnight 500g soyabean. Wash and rinse the beans several times till the water clean.

Better if let the water drip till next day. (Picture shown)

Put 3 cup soyabean + 7 cup water into blender

Blend for 2-3 min till milky

Pour into a clean white cloth (Bag form)

Squeeze and strain out the soyabean milk

Soyabean pulp (Okara)

Pour the filter soyabean milk into large pot and add 3-5 slice of ginger & 5-8 pandan leaves.

Stir slowly the soyabean milk constantly and bring to a boil, so as to avoid burning the milk.

Add sugar to your taste. (Forgot to take picture, replace next time. LOL)

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  1. homemade soya bean is always better than outside ones, it just tastes so natural and fragrant!