Friday, December 21, 2012

My 49th Birthday

Thanks to my lovely family & relative & friends for all the surprises!


                                                             Lemon cake from Sharon                                                          
Bento fm Kelvin, Calender fm Stephenie & Ang Pau fm hubby

< Massage from Wannie (in Perlis), My present is on the way by mail.
Finally arrival my Birthday gift from Wannie.>

Something difference. Strong M "initial & I LIKE it too.

Special calendar from my princess Yannie. Very usefull & love it very much.


Bento make by Kelvin - First time cook rice & well done & mum so proud to be your No 1. MUM

    Gift from Susan                                           Gift fm Sharon

   Avocado Cake from Agnes Yong

                                               Multi purpose bag fm my sister

                                                 Mince chicken with Tau Kang

Butter Prawn

                                                             Steamed Fish with soya sauce

                                                          Lamb with Coffee Sauce

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  1. Hi Mary, Happy Belated Birthday! Wow, lovely presents and fantastic food! Love the cake and Kelvin's bento :) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and all at home!