Friday, November 21, 2014

Wet Butter Prawn

1 kg Prawn
50gm Evaporated creamer
50gm butter
10- 15 Curry leaves
Pich of salt
corn starch - to ticken the butter milk
cooking oil - enought to fry the prawn
few chilli padi - optional

Heat the oil in high flame.Fry the prawn till 80% cook. Drain the oil and put aside.

Preparedthe butter milk. Heat up a fying pan in medium flame. Put the butter till all mealt,  then follow with curry leave (cut into strips Stright into milk butter) & chilies. Fried for 1 Min till the you smell the frangrent and add the evaporaterd milk. Add salt to teste and ticken the butter milk with corn stach and add in the prawn to mix well.

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