Friday, September 25, 2009

California Rolls

Myself and my husband are craving for Assam Laksa since last week. Tonight I cook Assam Laksa for dinner. Since Yanie & Kelvin don't like Assam Laksa, I decided to make California roll for their dinner instead.

Recipe:- Prepared Sushi Rice (A and B)
500g rice
7 tbs sugar
2 tsb salt
water - usual lever to cook rice

6 tbs Vinegar

C - Filling
3 Eggs + 1tbs sugar - Cook
10 crab stick
1 avocado - cut into slice
1 cucumber - cut into slice
10 pcs nori sheet (seaweed sheet) - cut half
mayonnaise (optional)

1. Mixed all A and cook in rice cooker.
2. When rice is cook, add vinegar and let it stand for 5 mins before switching off the cooker. Let it cool.
3. Roll nori sheet with rice and filling C.

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