Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Crabby Day

Today.. my hubby and me went to the market to look for fresh crab for my three angels to make for dinner.

my first time cook crab with vermicelli. It seems that my whole family enjoyed it very much. it tasted fantabulous. commented by yannie. Though it looks quite messy in the picture but at least it's delicious right? :)

since we bought 4kg of crab and it's quite alot, we decided to make two different dishes, which is crab vermicelli and crab porridge. i got this idea from my sister when she told me it was delicious. So yummy it's a must to try. Very simple.

First, you boil the porridge until it is cooked and then, add fresh crab in it. Put alittle bit of salt, and fresh ginger after the dish is done. Thats simple. :) okay.