Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fun Taiwan Day 1 - Free & Leisure at Ximenting Night Market

Upon arrival, free and leisure day we decided to stay in Xi Men Ting area. So here we were, having some good foods and leisure window shopping , ............

Japanese sticky pancake -Cheese & Seaweed flavour = NT 25 (RM 2.50 each stick)

Dumpling - with curry, vegetable, meats flavour cost RM 0.50 each.

A-Chun Flour-Rice Noodle"Mee Suah" cost NT 60.00 (RM 6.00 per bowl - large) recommended by Taiwaness. Must try this, so good.......!

Fruits are expensive , one Laychee (Hong Mo Laychee - 600 gm ) cost NT 100 (RM 10.00)

Mini steamboat = NT 100.00 (RM 10.00) each

..........as we were walking back to the hotel we noticed that there was much activities in the far end of the street. Smoke was bellowing up to the sky, yeah.. some building was on fire! The street was off limit to traffic, three sky lift fire fighting vehicles were in action. As we approached nearer, we realised that ..yeah! Hotel Paradise was on fire, our 'fox hole' for the night. Three hours later, clearance were given. Guests were allowed to go in. The management assured us that it was just a minor happening and everything was ok. However we insisted that we wanted to move out. We were not taking chances and it was a right decision, because our tour guide told us that a fire broke out in the 2nd floor later at 1.30am...

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