Thursday, March 29, 2012

Homemade Kaya (Coconut Jam)

double boil method
after 5 minutes stirring
after 15 minutes stirring
after 30 minutes stirringafter 45 minutes stirring
after 60 minute stirring - done (thick jam)
After viewing frozen wings blog on homemade Kaya, I decided to try & my 1st homemade KAYA is successful!
Recipe adepted from from frozen wings follow double boiled method
My Ingredients
10 large eggs
500ml thick coconut milk
450gm sugar + 50g sugar for caramel
10 Pandan/screwpine leaves
1.Whisk the eggs and sugar till well. Add in the coconut milk and pandanus leaves.
2.Pour the coconut egg mixture into a aluminium pot. ( I use my kenwood mixer bowl). Take 50g sugar and cook in another small pot till they become caramel and brown, remove from fire and pour that into the coconut egg mixture.
3 Get ready another larger pot with boiling water. Put the aluminium pot fill with coconut egg mixture into the larger pot with boiling water ( double boil way) and stir . Keep stirring continuously until the mixture becomes thick ( it took me about 50 -60 minutes).
4.Remove it from pot , remove the pandan leaves and let cool down before storing them in


  1. good morning mary, nice knowing you. I see that your kaya is much smoother than mine after 60 mins cooking in the pot. btw, did you blend it cos i see that yours look good enough in the pot. Mine looks much lumpier!!

  2. Lena,
    Mine seem ok, so I did't blend (maybe I use chicken eggs instead of duck eggs the result more soomth). I would like to try use duck eggs nest time. Tks for yr sharing

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