Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Cendol Jelly

Ingredients A:

- 50 gm green pea flour (lek tau hoon)
- 40gm rice flour
- 10 gm tapioca flour
- 1/2 tsp salt
- 3 tbsp sugar
- 200ml pandan water ( I use 100 ml pandan water + 100 ml tick coconut milk)

Ingredient B:
- 425 ml pandan water (blend 100g pandan leave with 625 ml water)

How to make cendol:-
1. Mix all ingredients A into bowl into mixture A.
2. Pour Ingredient B into a pot and bring to boiled. Slowly add in mixture A and gradually stir until cook (thick & smooth).
3. Turn off heat, stirring constantly until slightly warm.
4. Prepare an ice water in a container (water level must 3 inch lower that the cendol mold). Pour batter cendol in hot conditions in the mold cendol. Then press-press until the dough runs out. Strain of the water and cendol ready for use

Note : This recipe cendol texture turn our a bit soft but still taste good.

Prepared coconut syrup
- Coconut milk to taste, bring to boil with few pandan leaves and a pinch of salt . Keep stirring & turn off the heat soon after start boiling. Set aside to let it cool and chill in the refrigerator.

Prepared Gula Melaka Syrup
Place gula Melaka, add water, pandan leaves in a pot and cook till the gula Melaka dissolved.Set aside to let it cool and chill in refrigerator.

To serve, place 2 tbsp of cendol , add cooked kidney/red bean or jackfruits (Optional) in to a glass, gula melaka syrup (3-4 tbsp depending how sweet you want), shaved ice and top with coconut milk.

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