Monday, December 21, 2009

Birthday Bento

Today is my 46th birthday, and to my surprise I saw a bento box on my side table. My children have made me a bento box which I believe is filled with love.
Usually the children wakes up late during school holidays, but it seems today was different for them.

Though it was a simple bento, but it is the thought that count.
Nobody ever made bento for me and this is my 1st bento!

I was told by my ling that the children made STAR SHAPE BREAD represents that mum is the SUPER STAR TODAY! Wooh, today I really did felt like a super star! Keep it up children! Mum is looking forward many more super star days to come. :)

This afternoon I was treated by my sister for lunch and my children plan to treat me for dinner but instead my friend settled the bill. Thank you My dearest sister and Mr Chin.

Peking Duck with pancake wrap

Salted Vegetable Beancurd Soup

Ginger & Onion Fish Slice.

Sabah Vegetable (Sayur Manis with Eggs)

Duck with Ginger & Onion