Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Durian Cake

A few days ago,I was given a lot of durian by my sister-in-law.It was really yummy and creammy.We can't finish all the durian, so I have an idea of making durian sponge cake.Its been ages, since I bake a sponge cake! So, hopefully this may turn out well.
So,I drove to Pelagi Cake shop in Luyang for ingredients.
The durian sponge cake turn out great beyond my expectations. But to me it's still not soft enough, so I won't post the recipe this time till I get it perfectly right.


  1. Wah, freeze some fresh durians for me Lah!!!!

  2. Mary if I got some durian u surprise me with ur magic ahhhh...ur house not far from mine so senang for me to disturb you.