Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Beef Goulash

I was down with fever for the past two days and thus confined to the bedroom. Hubby took the opportunity to put on the apron and cooked a meal for the kids.I was really surprised that this partner of mind can churn out such a fine presentation.The kids were just as amazed.A simple dish, beef stew called 'Beef Goulash' in European countries.He said this particular dish is commonly eaten by the lower income group because cheaper cuts were used.And during his students days in London,cheap cuts such as beef flank, breast of lamb,belly of pork are the regulars on his dinner table.Methods or ways of cooking were restricted to boiling, steaming and stewing.Frying was definitely out, because of the smell being confined in a bedsitter's environment is quite unbearable.So a meat stew is the best he can do.
Beef 'top side' was used in this dish.Cut meat into big cubes and seasoned with corn starch,pepper,oregano,parsley and Lea & Perrins sauce. Heat oil in stewing pot and cook meat cubes till slightly brown. Add water to cover meat.Lower heat and simmer till tender.Salt to taste.Serve with any veg. Potatoes and carrots were used in this case.European normally cook the meat and veggie together, and serve with bread.

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