Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Leftovers Supreme

It was raining for the whole afternoon. what a miserable day, and by the time I reached home it was almost six in the evening. What am I going to cook ? Well... perhaps PIZZA H., but who was going to deliver in this foal weather? So anything filling will do for the night. Ah... Ha... leftovers from the previous meal, beef bolognese. We had macaroni last night , pasta was a definite No...no. The bread bin was empty but luckily the freezer had something quite similar 'Pita' bread [ Arabic bread ]. I decided to make a meal out of it. It's simple and quick. Preheat oven @ 180C, fill bread with BB sauce. Add lots and lots of cheese, sandwich slices and cheddar. Baked for five minutes. Wah.....lah.. a happy meal for the kids and the adults too!

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