Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sweet Red Bean

My recent purchase of a 'Hard Anodized Multi Purpose Cooker' triggered my interest to cook something which normally takes hours, before I can sit down and enjoy the sin of obesity. The packing box stated that cooking time will be reduced by half. To test their claim, I selected the humble red beans to cook. A very simple nourishing dish requiring little preparations just put 250 gms of red beans into pot, add dried tangerine peel and water [10 cups].Bring to the boil, lower heat to simmer till beans turn tender, add sugar to taste. Being Malaysian of chinese descents,we tend to change our taste so we add other ingredients into it. Some preferences,ie coconut milk, pandan leaves, lily bulbs, sago, ginkgoes, fresh milk, evaporated or condensed milk. My son , Kelvin will prefer two large scopes 0f ice cream to top it up. ABC ex.. special !

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