Friday, May 10, 2013

Double Boiled Coral Seaweed Jelly - MFFF SABAH #8


            Dry coral seaweed before soak                           After soaked in water for few hours  
This coral seaweed (red colour) have a stronger smell

Ingredients (Prepared for 5 bowls)
10g dry seaweed - I use two type. Soaked for few hours or overnight. (Change water few times)
50g rock sugar (10g for each bowl)
2-3 big red dates ( 1/2 big dates for each bowl) - for small dates you may use 3 for each bowl.
5 bowl of water ( 1bowl water for each bowl)

1.Drain seaweed, divided into 5 portion on each small bowl.
2.Add one red dates, rock sugar, water and cover the bowl.
3.Cover the bowl and bring to double boil for 1- 1 1/2 hours in medium fire.
4. Served hot or cold.

I am submitting this post to MFF, Sabah month,

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