Monday, May 6, 2013

Fried Turan Mee (Egg Noodle) - MFF SABAH #5

Seafood - Prawn/fish slice & squid or char siew (pork)
2 glove of garlic
Choy Sum
1 roll Tuaran Mee (egg noodle)
1 tsp chicken stock
3 tbsp. chicken soup
1tbsp back soy sauce
 Loosen the noodle 
Step 1 -Loosen the noodle,
Step 2 - Bring the noodle into boiling water to cook for 1 minute.
Step 3 - Take out the tuaran mee and dip into cold water for 1 minute
Step 4 - Bring back to boiling water for a few seconds & rinse.Then, put the noodle aside.

Step 5 -Head up the wok with 2 tbps oil,
Step 6 - Put in all the seafood or meat and stir fry for a few seconds.
Step 7 - Add garlic followed by egg.

Step 8 -Add the noodle and stir fried for few second,
Step 9 - Add black soya sauce, chicken stock, chicken soup and finally add vegetables.
Step 10 - Ready to served hot.


Prepared by Aunty Ngau Chap Best and thank you for sharing the recipe. If  you're lazy to cook you can just drop by to Wawasan Plaza Food Court, 3rd Floor and order from Aunty. Only cost RM 5.50 per plate.
I am submitting this post to MFF, Sabah month,


  1. Wah, you terror la! Can get the aunty to share her secret recipe

  2. Aunty Mary memang terror! There is nothing she can't do. Everything is possible for her =)

  3. I wanted to try Tuaran mee for the longest time. But getting Tuaran noodle in singapore is mission impossible :(

  4. Wendy, the aunty is really friendly bah. Support her almost everyday! Her ngau chap is the best. That one the recipe cannot share haha.(family recipe)

    Ling,you can do it too! Do join us in this event!

    Annie, you can substitute the tuaran mee with egg noodles :)

  5. Hi, auntie, I liked this post very much, can I please use the pics and the recipe from this post in my website? We were asked to do a website for our ICT assignment and my group decided to do a site on food. I wanted to put this to represent Sabahan food, can ka auntie? :)

  6. why aunty not selling anymore (wawsan plaza)..we like her tuaran mee seafood very much