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The distinctive Flavour of Lihing Nilyn is a result of using traditional technique and ingredients passed down from generation to the next. This family made rice wine can be enjoy as a beverage or to be add zet to savoury dish. It is a must-serve during festival occasions such as wedding and Harvest Festival.

Since this is a family business, sorry LIHING (rice wine) recipe can't be share but we can purchase from them anytime. Contact Neo Enterprise at 014-651 1271 (Simon) /016-841 0505 (Vera) /016-845 9230 (Godwin) or e-mail lihingnilyn@yahoo.com

Here, you may use LIHING to cook with chicken and called it a drunken chicken (Sup Manuk Ayam)

Usually, this is a traditional soup for ladies in confinement, and normally a “village chicken,” (Ayam Kampung), is used. A regular chicken will do the trick, too. This drunken chicken soup is also suitable for any occasion as well, especially in cold or rainy season…:to warm up your body!

1/2 Village Chicken (Chop into medium size pieces)
290ml/1 bottle lihing (rice wine)
100gm fungus - dry fungus soaked in water for 15-20 minute
80gm Ginger
290 ml water (I prefer more dilute but if you prefer stronger taste, add 150 ml water)
2 tbs oil
1 tsp salt
1/2tsp ajinamoto/ MSG


1.Heat up the oil and add ginger into the frying pan or pot.
2. Add the chicken and then stir on high fire until fragrant, then add one 1bottle of sweet lihing.
3. Add the soaked fungus into the frying pan/pot and bring to boil and let the alcohol evaporate.
4. Then add enough water to cover the chicken and ginger to yield soup.
5.Simmer for ten minutes, taste and add salt and MSG/ajinamoto if needed. Let simmer for another five minutes or so, serve.      
Tips : The soup can be heated the next day, it will only become tastier; one can add a glass of lihing just prior to serving.

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  1. I can imagine how delicious it is !

  2. Amie, your are right. I amended my blog, should be manuk lihing. Ha Ha.. Tks

    Phong Hong, I was raining that day when I cook this dish. Perfect day for Manuk Lihing! This Lihing Nilyn really sweet & tumb up!

  3. where to get that lihing...nice packing

  4. Hi.. where to get that lihing?..and how much?

  5. U can find lihing here https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1559758297379170&id=807218309299843