Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hinava - Kadazan Dusun Appetizer (Fish salad) - MFF Sabah #1

Hinava is most well known as a traditional dish of the  KADAZAN DUSUN indigenous ethnic group in Sabah, Malaysia. It is a form of salad with pieces of raw fish marinated in lime juice. If you don't like fish, you can also substitute the mackerel with either prawn or squid. Have it with white rice or on its own as a salad dish.

200g raw Mackerel (tenggiri) fish flesh
juice of 4-5 lime
salt to taste
ginger, cut into fine strips
2 shallot, peeled and slice thinly
1/4 chili, cut into fine cube/strips
Slices of raw bitter gourd ( thinly slice) - Optional

Method to prepare
1.Wash and then slice the fish flesh thinly.
2.Add the lime juice and salt. Mix well with raw fish, ginger, shallot and chili.
3.Set aside for about 10min, preferably in a refrigerator.
4.Serve as salad/appetizer.

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  1. Looks good! Shall make this too. Some people make this with Salmon too right? I am not sure if I can get fresh enough mackerel...l

  2. Hi Kelly, love this dish as appetizer & so easy to made. Try and looking forward to your participation in MFF SABAH. You may use any anothers fish, as long as the fish is FRESH and cut into very thin slices (for better result)

  3. very nice! even pizza can't beat this thing!

  4. this is a great dish you know!! is this is an appetizer??